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About Laura


Currently "geeking out" about: Neuromuscular conditioning


Like many people, I have not always enjoyed a healthy relationship with my body; in fact, there were times when I had just about given up.  For the longest time I saw my body as an enemy to be controlled and conquered, and that approach never got me closer to my end goal:  to simply be happy with and accept my body. 


After some associated tragedies and consequent soul-searching, I began to realize that this body had carried me through every moment of my entire life, that instead of being my enemy, my body had supported me and kept me going.  This turn-around was accompanied by intensive study of all things related to the body, and as my awe for this amazing mini-universe grew, so did my passion for learning more and my desire to share this appreciation with others. 


In 2001 I received my first certification as a Personal Trainer and have since acquired professional certifications in Corrective Exercise and Performance Enhancement for sports. 


I use neuromuscular conditioning to eliminate chronic pain and/or faulty joint mechanics. 


I also very much enjoy helping individuals to restore or acquire healthy relationships with their bodies and putting lifestyle changes in place to reflect the vitalistic philosophy that the body can heal itself.

My training home base is Firehouse Fitness and Wellness, 1104 S. Westnedge, Kalamazoo MI.   

About Carrie


Currently "geeking out" about:  mitochondrial dysfunction


Like many of you, I suffered from debilitating stomach pain, bloating and fatigue after giving birth to my first child.  Lack of sleep, added stress and hormone imbalances wreaked havoc on my digestion, energy and mood.  I was unsatisfied with traditional approaches to help me such as anti-depressants and antacids.  I knew those were only band-aids and I was searching for the root cause of my pain, fatigue and discomfort.


This prompted me to earn my Master's degree in Applied Clinical Nutrition from New York Chiropractic College, graduating summa cum laude in 2015.  Through nutrition therapy, lifestyle changes and appropriate supplementation, I healed my body and am now feeling the best I have ever felt.


I work extensively with clients on nutrition therapy from weight loss, to digestive issues, inflammation, autoimmunity and more.   


Prior to my Master's degree, I earned my personal trainer and group fitness certifications through the American Council on Exercise and my massage therapy certification from the Kalamazoo Center for the Healing Arts after graduating with a BA in biology from Kalamazoo College in 2004.


I currently see clients at my fitness studio space in Kalamazoo, MI as well as with distance coaching via Skype, telehealth conferencing and phone calls.  I facilitate over 200 personal training and/or nutrition counseling sessions per month.   Through nutrition, lifestyle changes and movement, I can help you teach your body how to heal and optimize the health and function of your body.

Emily Betros

Emily is a licensed clinical social worker and certified health coach, owning her own health coaching business Reclaiming Health, LLC. She earned her BSW from Western Michigan University in 2006, MSW from Michigan State University in 2010, and health coaching certification from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in 2017.


Like so many, Emily has battled through the confusing diet and exercise world. Through her own trial and error, she has experienced the stress and frustration of fighting with willpower instead of listening to what her body really needed. Her individualized one-on-one health coaching combines support, accountability, education, and motivation using both coaching and counseling techniques. She believes that while diet and exercise are important, stress plays an enormous impact on our ability to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Emily focuses on helping clients reduce stress in different areas of life (relationships,
career, financial, etc), helping them find better balance and more energy so they can
live the life they desire.


Emily empowers clients to find what will work best for their mind and body by using techniques such as mindfulness and meditation. Emily can also be contacted for workshops and presentations on stress reduction.

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