March 13, 2018

  1. Wake up, reach up!  First thing in the morning, reach to the sky and hold for a few breaths




  2. Set a timer to stand up every hour if possible – if possible, do the Egoscue Overhead Extension for 30 seconds 





  3. Lift and support that big ol’ brain – keep the head from drifting too far forward toward computer/book/phone by being aware.  Also, learn and do the Bruegger’s Manuever whenever possible 



  4. Strengthen your glutes and core  – both are essential for ideal posture and both are weakened by prolonged sitting.  Try the Glute Bridge when you have time to get on the floor, or do the Butt Builder throughout your day 


  5. Get regular massage and/or learn SMR (self-myofascial release) techniques like foam rolling



  6. Set up your environment in a positive ergonomic way – lift monitor, use seat cushions, stability ball and back supports



  7. Put up pictures of ideal posture (babies, top athletes, healthy elderly, etc) so you can learn to assess your own.  Better yet, find a baby and copy their movements!  Really!



  8. Stand on one foot instead of two whenever possible – keep knees extended but not hyperextended



  9. TAKE THREE DEEP BREATHS (or more!) – the diaphragm is a key component of spinal stability and movement, so breathing as deeply as possible is a way to truly exercise your posture muscles.  Picture your diaphragm as an umbrella opening on your inhale, filling the space under and between your ribs on all sides.  HINT:  laughing does the trick and makes you feel good, too!  Which leads us to….



  10. THINK UPLIFTING THOUGHTS.  Learn to observe the connections between your mind and your body in this very direct way.  Start with something simple, like “I can do this” or “I’m standing with confidence”

 Want more help on a one-to-one level?  Call Laura today to set up an appointment just for you.  269-207-5471




For more ideas on how to boost your posture and the rest of your fitness, read the Body Love blog and call me for an assessment – 269-207-5471

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